I live with the memories of peaceful surroundings of my childhood.

The endless tranquility of the fragrant rice field in my village, the little window by my little bed opening into a lush green garden with the fresh breeze from the sea. All have become an essential part of me, naturally and powerfully, nurturing my architectural senses and ideas.

Dechiu was created:

         So THE MEMORIES are always HERE & NOW

         So MY SPACE becomes A SHARED HOME

         So EVERY JOURNEY I take is also to RETURN


To this place:

Dad’s vision creates the space

The simple rough walls carry the image of Grandma

The beds and sofas cherish the love of Mom

The desks hold traces of loving Brothers jumping around

Flowers by the window blossom into laughter of the Neighborhood Children.



Inspired by “THE BEAUTY OF IMPERFECTION”, I’ve been collecting old farming tools from the countryside, restoring and giving each piece a new life. You will be surprised by the character  of each room, with the exhibition of distinctive contemporary artworks and handicrafts from Vietnam ethnic minorities…more →



At the entrance of Dechiu, Gieo café brings to life the spirit of everyone’s hometown. The everyday ordinary items from rural villages are arranged as contemporary artwork. This space allows us to reconnect with our homeland, no matter how far from home we have wandered….more →



Hoi An, lying along the peaceful Thu Bon River flowing into the sea, carries an incredible history of trade. This place was once considered to be the most important trading port by Japanese, Chinese and European merchants during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries…more →



Dechiu is a hotel, but first Dechiu is a feeling and emotion that comes from staying at Dechiu. It can be described as a combination of relaxation, peace and mindfulness that is achieved through the architectural design creating a flow within the space. The interior design with the original Vietnamese artwork, the wall hangings, the ethnic basketry enhance the feeling. Then the food and Hat Café become and integral part of the experience. We call this the Dechiu Lifestyle, which includes where and how you travel. The food you eat, and even how you eat it becomes Dechiu. And what you do on to relax is all part of the Dechiu Lifestyle… more →


(+84) 915 697 696

23 Nguyen Phan Vinh, Cam An, Hoi An

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Office: Tổ 2, Tân Thành, Phường Cẩm An, Tp Hội An, tỉnh Quảng Nam

Hotel: 23 Nguyễn Phan Vinh

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